Cookie Policy

What are cookies?


Cookies are used by almost every website. These are small files created by a web browser which record user settings. Some of them remain on the user's device after the browser is closed. The next time the user accesses this site from the same device, the cookie can send information to the web page, for example to match the content to the recipient. This makes it easier to remember each user's preferences. The information contained in cookies can be read only by the website that created them. Thus, a website does not have access to other cookies on the user's computer.


What information is collected by cookies?


The cookies used on this website do not collect any personally identifiable information about users.


Our website uses session cookies, which contain information that is necessary for a correct login and for controlling the login process on the site. They identify the computer and browser used to browse the web, for example in order to find out whether a given computer has visited this site before.


Managing cookies


Every user can decide whether they want their browser to use cookies. They can also delete any previously stored cookies from their computer. These changes can be made in the browser settings and the way in which the settings are activated may vary depending on the browser. Detailed information can be obtained by using the "Help" function of the web browser.


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Please note that disabling all cookies may cause difficulty in viewing certain websites.

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