No-pain policy

We have a no-pain policy because our primary goal is the health and well-being of our patients, both physical and psychological. For many people, a visit to the dentist is a difficult experience in itself, connected with concern about their health and the fear of pain. We are determined to make sure that a visit to our clinic is not associated with anything unpleasant. We do not judge or look down on our patients. We understand that each medical visit, including dental visits, involves an invasion of privacy and means that the patient has to overcome their shame and embarrassment. We realise that by coming to our clinic, every patient puts their trust in us. That is why we provide the best care to our patients using the most advanced medical technology, pharmaceuticals and, whenever possible, the most effective anaesthesia for both children and adults. We also strive to alleviate the stress of our patients through creating a friendly atmosphere in our clinic; from the reception staff, through the dental assistants, to the doctors. We clarify any doubts regarding the treatment and patiently answer all our patients' questions. By using the latest equipment and materials, we are able to perform treatments accurately, quickly and painlessly.
Some people say that at the dentist's there is bound to be pain. Absolutely not!!! Not in the twenty-first century!!! Not in our clinic!!!